It is possible to find Public and Private Law; Public Law is the one related to aspects in which intervenes a figure of authority, while Private Law talks about the relationship between particulars. In Spain, one of the parts composing Private Law is known as Civil Law. (De Castro Vitores 2004)

All legal systems in the EU have two differentiated parts: the one that is aimed at individuals and the one that is aimed at the society and its relationship with figures of authority.

Civil or private law main intention is to protect the rights of the individual person, and it usually handles aspects such as family, patrimony, marriage, lease… It is more focused on the private relations that exist among individuals, rather than looking at more “public affairs”. Civil law is pretty common in all European countries, as it is historically influenced by the Roman Empire.

Regarding public law, it states and governs the relationship between the individuals and the state. Public law usually regulates the Government and its intervention in the rights of the population, but the concrete points included on it will always depend on the country’s legal system.

Through the next chapter we will be able to see the differences between civil and public law and how they are incorporated in the legal system of the country.

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