The Data Protection Law was first instituted in Spain in 2000 and it has suffered several modifications since then, being the last one included in 2011. It can be found under the Organic Law 15/1999 of Personal Data Protection. (Boletín Oficial del Estado 2011)

We are living in a digital, connected world. For this reason, when we talk about protecting our data we do not only think about keeping our lettechapter 6rs private or avoiding the neighbours from knowing our political or religious beliefs.

Data protection laws in all countries are a measure to protect the individual’s personal data, by controlling how it is used by entities who may have them. Even if there might be differences between countries depending on their laws, some basics are always considered sensitive information (religious background, race, information about children …).

Data protection is especially controlled all over the European Union due to the recent Data Protection Act, which applied on May 25, 2018. Anyway, in the following chapter we will have a deeper vision on how it is conceived in each country.


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