Short Story chapter 5 sp

National law – SP – The Spanish Legal System – chapter 5

Anne and John want to get married, but they would like to do it in Spain, since they are both living there. John is British but has the Spanish nationality, and Anne is German, and they are wondering which documents they should ask in their home countries and Spain in order to ensure that the marriage, which is going to be celebrated in a religious way, is legally accepted in all countries.

Spanish marriages require one of the two parts to have the Spanish nationality. Since John has it, it would be possible for them to do it. Taking this into account, they would need a series of documents.

Would you be able to tell Anne and John the documents they would need? Can you explain the legal differences between the religious marriage and civil marriage regarding paperwork? Do you think John and Anne could get married in other country and have their marriage recognised in Spain? Where?

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