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Herta and Ralf worked more than 10 years in the same company: a German company with a subsidiary in the Netherlands. Now they became unemployed and moved to Germany. The German laws assure  in their case to get the salary for 18 months after the hiring so they are happy with this work law. In order to make Germany eligible for unemployed aid and pension rights from her time in the Netherlands, they would have to apply in the Netherlands. Because you always have to submit an application to the country where you last worked. In general, Germany is known for rigidly following procedures and adhering to the rules in the workplace, while the Dutch handle business with a more laidback approach. International recruitment agency. While both Germany and the Netherlands both rank above average in terms of work-life balance, the Netherlands recently overcame Denmark to land in the No. 1. In the Netherlands the UWV WERKbedrijf (administrative office for employed persons) system outlines that for the first two months, initial unemployment benefits are paid out at 75% of the average wage  earned over the last 12 months (the current month not included), and 70% after two months, depending on your circumstances. However, the person should be aware that the unemployment benefit is not a welfare benefit and subsequently there is a minimum term of 3 months and a maximum term of 38 months. During this time the person is required to look for work and show proof of application. Herta and Ralf should fill an application for the unemployment benefit can be done online at the UWV or at a local job centre (in Dutch) and provide:

You will be required to fill in an application form and, as part of this application process, you must be able to provide:

  • BSN number
  • Last known date of employment
  • DigiD code
  • A letter or contract of termination
  • Certified copies of salary slips
  • Original employment contract
  • Valid proof of identity e.g. passport or residence permit.

If Herta and Ralf will not be eligible for unemployment benefits in the Netherlands,  they can receive unemployment benefit II in Germany (also known as “Hartz IV”) on top of unemployment benefit or in addition to low unemployment benefits or remuneration, provided that they are:

  • fit to work and
  • in need of support
  • over 15 and under 65 (or have reached the staggered age threshold, under section 7a of the second book of the Social Security Code) and
  • resident in the Federal Republic of Germany (so live predominantly in Germany).

People who are not fit for work and live in the same household as someone who is fit for work and qualifies for benefits (usually in a shared apartment), receive income support to ensure their subsistence, provided that they do not belong to the category of persons defined more closely in the twelfth book of the Code of Social Law (SBG XII).

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