Health and safety obligations chapter 3 cy

National law – CY – Legal system – module 3

What are an employer’s obligations regarding the health and safety of its employees?

Employers are obliged to do the following:

  • To ensure the health and safety of workers in every aspect concerning their work, primarily on the basis of the general principles of prevention and without any financial cost to the employees.
  • To evaluate the occupational risks, among other things, regarding the choice of work equipment and outfitting the workplace, and to make provision for adequate protective and preventive measures.
  • To keep a list of, and prepare reports on, occupational accidents.
  • To take the necessary measures for first aid, firefighting, the evacuation of workers and the action required in the event of serious and imminent danger.
  • To inform and consult workers and allow them to take part in discussions on all questions relating to health and safety at work.
  • To ensure that each worker receives adequate health and safety training throughout the period of employment.

Employees must do the following:

  • Correctly use machinery, other means of production, personal protective equipment and safety devices.
  • Give warning of any work situation presenting a serious and immediate danger and notify the employer of any shortcomings in the protective arrangements.
  • Co-operate in fulfilling any requirements imposed for the protection of health and safety, enabling the employer to ensure that the working environment and working conditions are safe and impose no risks.
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