Termination of Employment chapter 3 cy

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Notice periods

The notice period required to terminate a contract of employment is dependent on the length of service. Generally, the following notice periods must be given:

  • More than 26 weeks but less than 52 weeks’ service: one week’s notice.
  • More than 52 weeks but less than 104 weeks’ service: two weeks’ notice.

Procedural requirements for dismissal

Any employee dismissed and the reasons is not any of those mentioned below, then their dismissal is deemed unlawful and they are within their rights to claim damages.

  • Conduct rendering the employee subject to summary dismissal.
  • Force majeure, act of war, civil commotion or act of God.
  • Redundancy.
  • Termination at the end of a fixed period.
  • Unsatisfactory performance (excluding temporary incapacitation due to illness, injury and childbirth).

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