Requirements for a Valid Marriage chapter 5 cy

National law – CY – Legal system – module 5

To enter in marriage process, interested individuals need to have some sort of legal identification in the form of passports and birth certificates. In the first step individuals interested to marry are required to fill up a form, sign it and submit to the Marriage Office. The form is titled “Notice of Marriage” and the form requires particulars data of individuals interested to marry on the basis of their passport.

The form necessitates the two parties to make a declaration or pledge or affirmation in front of the Marriage Officer that they are not hiding any of their disability or any information which needs to be disclosed legally.

Other than this, individuals also need to inform if they ever married before or they have any other spouse. Additionally, individuals interested to marry also have to inform if they divorced ever before. In the case of a widow or widower, she or has to present “Death Certificate” of their previous partner. Moreover, they have to declare through an affidavit that they never got married again since then.

Upon the completion of the above-mentioned formalities, the individuals need to celebrate marriage within fifteen clear days or within three months at the latest starting from the date of notification. In the case of marriage does not take place because of any reason, notification released three months back and consequential proceedings are deliberated as void.

In case any of an individual interested in marriage, who is either a widow or widower, is less than eighteen, the consent of any of the parents or guardians is necessary. In case none of the parents are alive or are not in a position to not able to of give consenting, then any other guardian must be produced in front of the marriage officer.

The Marriage Officer or Registered Minister of Religion may celebrate civil marriage at his Office or Church respectively. In the case of civil marriage, a similar procedure has to be followed at the municipality; however, the religious ceremony can take place at a church. The Marriage Officer supplies a certificate of marriage to the couple, later on, however in case of the couple wants to secure one or multiple of the marriage certificate, they can apply either to the Marriage Officer or the Interior Ministry.

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