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National law - CZ - Employment Law

Czech labor law distinguishes between two ways of establishing an employment relationship, namely a contract of employment and appointment. The most common way of establishing the employment relationship is to conclude a contract of employment, but this does not give rise to employment. A labor contract is a bilateral legal action consisting of a concurrent speech of the natural person and the employer to enter into an employment relationship. The employment contract must be concluded prior to the entry of the employee into work or at the latest on the date of commencement of work before work commences. The employment contract must include the type of work to be performed by the employee for the employer, the place or places of work in which the work is to be performed and the date of commencement of work. However, in relation to the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, it is not possible to deny a person the right to employment on grounds of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, language, religion, political opinion, membership of political movements, trade unions and other associations, state of health, marital status.

From the point of view of specifying the rights and obligations of the employee and the employer, the employment conditions can be classified according to the duration of the employment relationship, according to the person of the employer, according to the place of work, according to the way of establishment and by the working hours. By the duration of the employment relationship, we divide employment into fixed-term and indefinite employment.

The rights of the employee include the right to rest, the right to remuneration for work, the right to health and safety at work, information on the risks of his work, and information on the measures to protect them from their activities; information must be comprehensible to employees.

Discontinuance of employment may only be in accordance with the law of agreement, termination, immediate revocation, cancellation in probationary time. If the employee has an agreed fixed-term employment relationship, he/she ends with the expiration of the period.

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