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National law – CZ – Contract law – chapter 2

Felipe and Isabella need to rent an apartment. They are not so experienced in that sphere and that is why they decide to take the real estate agency like a consultant. They will specify the requirements for the apartment (location, size and budget) and the real estate agency will offer them the most suitable offers. It is possible to sign the mediation contract between them and the real estate agency, but it is not a duty and the agreement can be only mutual. The usual commission/fee for rent mediation is one monthly rent and it is paid after signing of lease agreement with the owner of the property. These are the following steps in the process of renting apartment:

  • Searching the suitable property (via internet or by real estate agency)
  • The viewing of the properties
  • finding od all important information concerning the chosen property (furnishings of apartment, monthly rent with the way of payment, period of rent, notice period, deposit guarantee, parking, date of taking over, services fee – electricity, gas, internet etc.) All that information should be specified in the lease agreement
  • signing of the lease contract – the contract can be in English and it is recommended to specify all above mentioned information. The template of the rental contract is available here.
  • The first payment of the rent together with deposit guarantee (usually in the amount of 1 – 3 mothly rent) due to the specification in lease contract
  • Taking over the apartment and signing of the taking over protocol with the detailed specification of furnishings, gauge states and number of keys. The template of the taking over protocol is available here.
  • It possible that the owner will ask to transfer the payment of the services (electricity, gas, water etc.) directly to the tenant. It is not unusual situation and it is necessary to change the payer at the particular offices. Those process is usually possible to arrange online , but sometimes it is necessary the personal visit, it depends on the local provider.
  • Transfer of the commission fee to real estate agency
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