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National law – CY – Legal system – module 1

Cyprus is considered to be a modern republic; therefore, its laws and legal system are not so advanced and are mainly derived from English law. Under the Court of Justice Law 1960 Article 29(1), English laws are conserved into the Cypriot legal system since it was established in 1960. This means that the laws in Cyprus are mainly based on the English legal system. The three main branches of law in Cyprus are:

  • The Common Law

The English Common Law system is considered to be a rich accumulatio of law principles that have been influenced by Roman law but have preserved their individuality. Common Law is also thought to be rather lax and due to its simplicity is easily digested.

  • The Principles of Equity

The Rules of Equity are basically the very essential principles of law in Cyprus and they were cemented into the legal system in order to fill some small gaps found in the Common Law. They are also known as the Maxims of Equity in which they strengthen the purpose of creating justice in society.

  • Statute Law

Statute Law is based on legislation enacted by Parliament. Due to the Cypriot legal system being extracted from the British system, it is the reason why it is considered to be a comprehensive and rich set of laws amongst Europe.

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