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National law – DE– Legal system – module 6

Herta and Ralf like to shop on-line. But as in other cases they suffered a cybercriminale attack and lost money and some personal data. So in the future they have to be more informed and more carefully. Herta also has an account on Twitter and likes to share pictures of friends and family. Ralf wonders if such a thing is possible. But since the neighbor knows so well all questions about IT, Ralf has addressed her. In fact, there are image-related personality rights that must be considered before publishing photos. At corporate events, companies must now obtain the permission of all participants in writing if pictures of the event are to be published on social media. Sophie also asks if Ralf has already heard of the DSGVO.

DSGVO is an abbreviation and stands for the new Data Protection Basic Regulation. It will apply throughout the EU from 25 May 2018 and will then regulate the protection of private data in a uniform manner. Up to now, the Federal Data Protection Act applied in Germany. It has implemented the old EU data protection directive. Now personal data have a special and uniform protection. Personal data includes all information that can be assigned to a natural person. This is all data by which persons can be identified. In addition to your name and date of birth, this also includes contact data such as your address and telephone numbers. Account details and insurance numbers are included, as well as information on racial and ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership,

Health and sexuality. If a company wishes to process this personal data from, this is only permitted with express consent. Ralf must smile. He believes that this protection is not so important for Herta. She voluntarily publishes a lot of private information on the social networks. Because she wants to stay in touch with friends in the Netherlands. But he thinks it is good that political efforts are being made on these issues.

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