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National law – DE– Legal system – module 5

Ralf and Herta think to marry but they are a bit afraid because both had a unhappy earlier marriages. Their marriage has already been legally divorced in the Netherlands. Now they have to submit the documents certifying the legal validity of the divorce to the civil registry office in Germany. Since both belong to the Catholic religion, they normally have two feasts. But since they are already married once, they may not marry a second time in church. This makes Herta and Ralf very sad, as they attend the service every Sunday. So all they have left is a wedding at the registry office. But they invited the parish priest to their celebration in the garden and he says a few nice words. The churches in Germany have recorded many departures in recent years. The church is considered outdated and many people turn away from faith. Leaving the church also entails higher wage costs, as church tax is deducted directly from the gross wage. In Germany, many churches have to close because the number of participants is too low. Now the churches have opened themselves up to society and isolated attempts are being made to interpret the faith in a more modern way. The priest of Herta and Ralf also acts in this way. He knows that a second church wedding is not possible. But he also knows that divorce rates are very high in modern societies and it is not uncommon to get married twice.

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