Short story chapter 4 de

National law – DE– Legal system – module 4

Herta and Ralf think to be self-employed if they are fired from the company they worked more than 10 years and they are a bit afraid. But “Best Ager” i.e. people after 50 – have many experience useful for young ones. In Germany due to demographic changes will be more older self-emploers in future so Herta and Ralf will not be alone. For their idea, however, they must first register a patent and change their health insurance. Self-employed pay a different contribution in Germany than employees or pensioners.

But their neighbor Sophie encourages them. She set up her own software company a year ago. She is very happy that her net salary is now higher. Self-employment goes hand in hand with changes in social security contributions. However, self-employed persons have to pay other health insurance contributions and do not benefit from the support of their employer. They also have to make their own provision for old age, as they do not pay into the pension fund. However, Herta and Ralf do not have this problem, as they have already paid into the pension fund through their previous work. Herta and Ralf could also receive this pension if they change their place of residence. But Herta and Ralf feel very comfortable in Hamburg, especially since they are now politically active there.

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