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Herta and Ralf are two seniors aged 62 and 63 living together in Hamburg. They lived in the Netherland 3 years and then they moved to Hamburg and married.

Though the countries share a border and a similar language, the life and business cultures in Germany and the Netherlands have some differences being characterized by elements of local identity as well as the reception and sometimes imitation of neighboring systems. Political history and colonial domination have shaped a “national tradition”. This is particularly evident in Central Europe which has experienced war in almost every generation. Also, until 1648 the Netherlands  was in   the Roman Empire of the German nation.

But especially in the 1990 traditional features of the Dutch legal culture are under pressure of change, while the German system of justice seems to be mainly consolidating its present institutional make-up (the American Journal of Comparative Law)

Now Herta and Ralf must learn a lot about the German laws which are necessary in their new life in Germany. They would like to integrate into senior life and work in Hamburg where they rent a flat.

Friends have them a happy message in this context:  starting with 1st April they can participate actively within a law: Seniorenmitwirkungsgesetz.

The Seniorenmitwirkungsgesetzt  from October 2012 (HmbGVBI. S.449) has been improved at 12 March 2018 based on existing laws for Hamburg. The changes are oriented to improve the rights of older people. It is a special law which defines a frame for an active participation of seniors and makes possible that seniors use their life experience. The law supports the active participation of the senior citizens in the social, cultural and political life, the use of their experience and skills to relate the relationships between the generations, to improve the process of getting older. This law is very important because also in Germany the old people are discriminated, and their competences are not recognized.

Other big cities in Germany like Berlin parliament adopted also similar laws.

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