National law – CZ – Data protection – chapter 6

The Office for the Protection of Personal Data (OPPD) is not responsible for the adaptation of the Czech legal environment and preparation for a general regulation. However, it professionally supports the work of the government and ministries. Some law-regulated areas, such as the media, labor law, behavior and responsibility of minors, may be the subject of legislative changes, which should be drafted by the relevant ministries, preferably this year. The Office is in the case of amendments to the personal data protection legislation.

Since the adoption of the General Regulation, the Office has been providing consultations with representatives of professional, professional and industrial associations on the impact of GDPR on the operation of data controllers and processors. In particular, it addresses specific proposals for dealing with the practical implications of the General Regulation.

The OPPD is a member of the government working group, which is gradually discussing the issues and impacts of GDPR from autumn 2016. In addition to the experts of the Office, the group also includes representatives of ministries, industry and public experts.

The setting up of the independent supervisory authority under the GDPR is the responsibility of the state, specifically the government, until its effectiveness begins. The Office fulfills its obligations under the current law on the protection of personal data. The Office carried out a basic analysis of the powers and tasks of the Supervisory Authority under the GDPR and on its basis elaborated the documents which were submitted to the Ministry of the Interior for use in the amendment of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data.

The Office is an independent body, acts independently in its activities and is governed solely by laws and other legal regulations. The Office can intervene only on the basis of the law.

The Office supervises the observance of the obligations stipulated by the law in the processing of personal data, maintains the register of processing of personal data, receives complaints and complaints about breaches of the obligations stipulated by the law in the processing of personal data and informs about their processing, prepares and publishes the annual report on its activities lawfully, deals with offenses and grants fines according to law, ensures the fulfillment of requirements arising from international treaties binding the Czech Republic and directly applicable European Union regulations, provides consultations on the protection of personal data, cooperates with similar authorities of other states, the European Union institutions and the bodies of international organizations active in the field of personal data protection. In accordance with European Union law, the Office fulfills a reporting obligation via the institutions of the European Union. Employees of the Office are chairpersons, inspectors and other staff. The inspection activities of the Office are carried out by inspectors and authorized staff.

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