Examples and advices of German experts chapter 1 de

National law – DE – Legal system – module 1
  1. What would be central contact persons or institutions?
    The Federal Agency for Labor, it is a central point of contact and also provides various information for migrant workers in different languages. But the industrial and commercial chambers are also important partners in the craft sector. Chambers and employers’ associations have a great interest to participate in this because of the specialist problem. Perhaps they could also be invited as experts to training courses like these developed within BRIGHT. The points of contact also always depend on the profession, but the Federal Agency is a good first point of entry, since it all enters.
  2. Where can importantly information be found on the Internet?

The Internet disposes of a good base  of information which also are not everybody only on German.

Other recommended institutions:

The BAMF (Responsibly for third countries and citizens of the European Union) – first information on important subjects, for example: how can one use the generosity?

The federal agency for work: there one finds information if it is about the recognition of occupational ends. The side also offers information about social benefits.

EU commissions which publish information in all  European languages. This is a base platform where EU directives are provided. It contains also information about works abroad: i. e. Which permissions need them? How is this with the equal treatment?


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