Company Operation-Obligations chapter 4 sp

National law – SP – The Spanish Legal System – chapter 4

There are several legal obligations to be performed before the constitution and during the activity of the company.

Before starting the activity, it will be necessary to present a fiscal registration and register on the Economic Activities Tax in the required Treasury.

Once started the activity, it will be necessary to declare the VAT, to tax the PIT, declare the annual operations with third parties, or any other necessary legal requirement concretely to the type of legal form.

Regarding any labour obligations, self-workers will have to register at the Self-Working Regime of Social Security, while companies will register at the General Regime of Social Security. Companies need to register their workers as well in Social Security. They are also legally compelled to register workers on a regime of working accidents, professional sicknesses or a mutual work accident insurance company. (Mataró Empresa)

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