Basic Rights of Employees stemming from legislation chapter 3 sp

National law – SP – The Spanish Legal System – chapter 3

According to the article 4 of the Workers Statute Law, workers have a series of basic rights (BOE 2017):

  • Work and freedom of choice of profession
  • Free syndication
  • Collective negotiation
  • Adoption of collective conflict measures
  • Strike
  • Reunion
  • Information, consult and participation in the company

Workers also have a series of rights related to work:

  • Effective occupation
  • Promotion and professional formation at work, including formation related to the adaptation of modifications of the working position, etc.
  • To not be discriminated direct or indirectly for the job or once employed, due to reasons of gender, civil status, age, race, social condition, religion, political ideology, sexual orientation, affiliation to a syndicate, or due to the language.
  • To not be discriminated for a disability, as long as it allows to develop the working position.
  • To their physical integrity and an adequate policy of prevention of occupational hazards.
  • Respect to their intimacy and dignity.
  • Punctual perception of the agreed or legally stablished remuneration.
  • Individual exercise of actions coming from their labour contract.
  • Any other rights specifically agreed on the labour contract.
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