Basic Obligations of the Parties chapter 3 sp

National law – SP – The Spanish Legal System – chapter 3


The obligations of the employer are very wide (López):

  • The employer is responsible for determining the Collective Agreement used in the working relation between employer and employee.
  • They are also responsible for respecting all rights included in the Workers Statute Law.
  • They need to adjust to the General Law of Social Security, including points such as inscribing the worker on the Social Security.
  • Comply with the Law of Prevention of Occupational Hazards.


According to the Workers Statute Law, workers have as basic obligations (BOE 2017):

  • Accomplish the concrete obligations of the working position
  • Observe any labour risk prevention measures adopted
  • Follow orders of the employer related to the regular commanding of their directive faculties
  • Do not concur with the activity of the company
  • Contribute to the improvement of productivity
  • Anything derived of the concrete labour contract
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