Basic Employee Rights chapter 3 cy

National law – CY – Legal system – module 3

Working hours

Different limitations apply with regards to the number of hours worked by an employee. Generally, 48 hours spread out across five working days a week should not be exceeded. This is not the case in other industries which different restriction can be applicable.

Shift workers

Shift workers that work at night should not exceed 8 working hours per night shift every calendar month. Those who work in specific fields that involve physically demanding work should be work more than 8 hours of night shifts within 24 hours.

Holiday Entitlement

Minimum holiday entitlement

Holiday entitlement for those who take time off each year must be at least 4 weeks of annual leave. Employees working 5 working days a week are entitled to 20 days leave or more while those who work 6 working days are entitled to at least 24 days of paid leave.

Public holidays

Public holidays are different depending on the business and organisation, but as a general rule, there are approximately 14 to 17 days of official holidays each year.

The number of official holidays when offices and organisations are closed varies from 14 to 17 annually. These are:

  • Green Monday (beginning of Lent): a day in March (movable).
  • Good Friday: a day in March/April (movable).
  • Easter Saturday, Sunday and Monday: during March/April (movable).
  • Holy Spirit Day: a day in June (movable).
  • New Year’s Day: 1 January.
  • Epiphany: 6 January.
  • National Day: 1 April.
  • Labour Day: 1 May.
  • Assumption Day: 15 August.
  • Cyprus Independence Day: 1 October.
  • Greek National Day: 28 October.
  • Christmas Day: 25 December.
  • Boxing Day: 26 December.

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