Ancient Times chapter 1 cy

National law – CY – Legal system – module 1

During the ancient times of the history of Cyprus; a Cypriot named Demonassa was thought to be the legislator from a mythology perspective. At the time, it was believed that she had enacted 3 laws that were recognised widely by other Cypriots. These were:

  1. A wife that commits adultery will have her hair shaved and will be officially registered as a married prostitute.
  2. The second law she enacted said that any person who commits suicide would not be buried.
  3. The third law that Demonassa endorsed was that anyone who slaughters a bull would be executed.

It is clear that times have changed and so has the Cypriot legal system. As time has emerged, and following different colonials that have occupied Cyprus; the full legal system has been reconstructed. This has only led to the legal system to be influenced by the different cultures and laws of previous occupiers which we will explore in this chapter.











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